Your cell phone to the rescue


Your cell phone to the rescue

Someone once told me that “the future is now” and growing up with Flash Gordon, The Jetsons and Star Trek I have seen the technological advances that sometimes mimic art forms (assuming television is an art form) and what was once considered science fiction has become the daily norm as far as “gadgets” are concerned. Now we have an addition to our arsenal of devices that were meant to make our lives easier… and safer. There is a phone app that acts not only as a radar detector but also warns us about upcoming photo red light equipment. Well, it’s not as easy as all that since it requires some additional equipment but it’s simple and inexpensive enough and if you have an iPhone, all you need is an additional piece of equipment provided by the fine folks at Cobra Electronics and there you have it, instant “protection”.

I also did some additional research for my own “android” phone and found numerous red light camera and radar detector apps available for free or a nominal fee. How well they work I don’t know yet since I haven’t tested any of them thus far but they are available. Feel free to check them out and let us know what you think.

Of course, if you do get caught speeding or photographed running a red light before you can download one of these helpful apps and you feel that only a good traffic attorney can help you save your license or prevent insurance rates from going through the roof, make sure you do your homework and interview as many lawyers as necessary until you find the right one. Don’t just give your money away to the first legal beagle that promises you they can do anything you need for next to nothing. You might as well wait for the cloak of invisibility app which may be just right around the corner… probably.

My wife is calling, I better beam up… until next week, be safe out there.

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