You were going… How fast?


You were going… How fast?

There’s speeding and then there’s speeding and the difference can be ascertained in the consequences. This isn’t where I will preach to you about going so fast that it presents a real danger to your safety and that of your passengers, of other motorists and pedestrians near and around you. I’m sure you already know this so I’ll skip to the part where if you are caught you will be facing some serious charges so if your health and well being is not your primary concern, perhaps the repercussions will interest you.

I’m talking about speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour which means 101 and above… VC 22348.

You’d be surprised how often this happens especially on that long and often lonely road that takes us through Barstow to Las Vegas and back. It’s even scarier to know that it also happens in our city streets and freeways but regardless, a ticket of this magnitude will do several things to you.

The fine alone, along with all penalty assessments can climb to close to $ 2,000.00, you will not be eligible for traffic school, you may lose your driver’s license for thirty days and you will get 2 points on your license which more than likely will translate to higher insurance rates. All this for putting the “pedal to the metal” and see how fast this baby can go.

Yes, I know… there are instances when you really must go very fast, medical emergencies for example or “we ran out of beer and I had to get back before the second half” (sometimes one really hears some of the best reasons for speeding that the human mind can generate) in any case, I have yet to see one excuse that persuaded an officer to forgo issuing a citation for such an infraction.

So aside from the “be careful out there” and consider the health issues associated with this type of driving… consider then the damage to your bank account and yes, of course, hiring an attorney to help you with this situation would be a great idea but then we get back to the “damage to your bank account” situation.

Wow, I didn’t know this puppy could go this fast… seriously.

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