Unbiased Traffic Stops


Unbiased Traffic Stops

Now here’s a subject that we hear about occasionally but doesn’t seems to get the proper attention. Is there discrimination related to traffic stops? I recently read a very good article in the Chatsworth Patch Website by Barry Garron. I don’t want to copy his words verbatim but if you get a chance, do follow the link and read about it. The information describes how the LAPD takes this type of complaint very seriously and how the policy is: “Police officers at no time should break the law to enforce the law.”

The department follows strict guidelines which forbid traffic stops based strictly on characteristics such as race, gender or sexual orientation. In the approximate 675,000 traffic stops made by the LAPD annually, the article continues, only about 300, on average, have resulted in complaints of racial profiling or other forms of bias.

Although this is a tiny percentage, it is still far too many. The LAPD is the only department in the country with an internal affairs unit dedicated exclusively to constitutional policing.

If you feel like you have been unfairly treated by being stopped for a traffic violation which may have resulted due to racial profiling (or any other type of bias) do write us a comment, we would like to know.

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