Traffic School


Traffic School

Have you been required to attend traffic school? You’re busy and the mere thought of adding something else to your already full schedule can be enough to stress you out, not to mention the hassle to simply get enrolled, but attending school, too? It’s not a situation most want to be in.

Not to worry – our team of professionals at are here to help; whether you need help related to going to school or you want the charges dropped so you can go on living your life like normal.

Did you know that Section 41501 of the Vehicle Code requires the courts to give the traffic violators an option of traffic school, which can be attended in-person, at home or online? For those who have not been attended traffic school within the past 18 months, you may be required to attend an 8-hour traffic school program. Once you’ve completed the program, your ticket and points will be dismissed, the records kept confidential and won’t be reflected on your DMV record (and you’re insurance rates won’t increase).

If you’re a second-time offender and your ticket was issued prior to July 1, 2011, you can attend a 12-hour traffic school . However, unlike the 8-hour program, this time your attendance will be reported to the DMV, meaning points on your license and possible hike in insurance fees. If you want to avoid this and the other complications which arise from having to attend school, tap into the experience of a California Traffic Ticket Attorney,

It is important for an experienced traffic team to help you navigate the ins and outs of the State of California’s legal system. The option of attending traffic school cannot be withheld simply because you have exercised your right to go to trial. Let us guide you and help ensure you don’t end up taking your valuable time away from you.

Traffic Violations – we’re here for you

Whenever you’re handed that dreaded piece of paper citing your traffic violation, you’re first move should be to contact a qualiified California Traffic Ticket Attorney who can work for you to uphold your rights throughout legal proceedings. We at are here to help you every step of the way, whether it is a traffic violation or being required to attend the dreaded traffic school.

For any kind of legal assistance concerning traffic school matters, we will be glad to assist you in minimizing your legal liability. You can call us at california-ticket-attorney for a NO OBLIGATION CONSULTATION or simply fill out and submit Free Evaluation Form online.

You never know when you will need a California Traffic Ticket Attorney. You key to success is to get legal advice early through Led by founder, veteran trial attorney and sit-in traffic court judge , Sherman M. Ellison, our team works to make sure your rights are upheld. With an extremely high success rate, you can be confident that will strive to provide you with the results you are looking for – getting out of that traffic violation or traffic school.