Traffic Ticket Attorney – The best that you can get


Traffic Ticket Attorney – The best that you can get

This may surprise you but most people don’t know an attorney personally and more
than likely not a traffic ticket attorney. So, if and when you get a traffic
ticket, how will you go about picking not just a lawyer who can help you out
but the best lawyer that can help you fight your citation?

In most states lawyers are not allowed to represent themselves as the best or an
expert or specialist in their field of practice although there are some
exceptions. This is where your research is crucial when finding a traffic
ticket attorney that can accurately help you fight your ticket.

Not all traffic ticket attorneys are created equal or may be the best fit for your
situation. Each traffic case is different and each lawyer will have a somewhat
different approach when helping you with your ticket. Your best bet is to do
some homework and before hiring anyone check out some of these facts:

  • Check out the attorney’s website and see if they
    are strictly dedicated to traffic or if traffic is one of the many areas of the
    law that they practice.
  • Read their bio page and see what information is
  • Find out the number of tickets they fight every
    year and what is their dismissal average.
  • If they’re not strictly a traffic ticket firm,
    what percentage of their practice is dedicated to traffic.
  • Find out how long he or she has been practicing
    traffic ticket defense.
  • Call them and see if your call is answered, how
    they treat you over the phone and if they seem to know what they’re talking
    about… and if you can’t reach them, do they call you back.

You will find a number of law offices and firms throughout the state of California
that dedicate all or a portion of their practice to traffic defense. Your
concern will be the methods they use help you fight your ticket. Many of these
companies are not even law practices but individuals that will help you with
trial by declaration documentation. Some will send an attorney to court to try
and negotiate your ticket or hope the officer won’t show. And there are those
who will fully litigate your citation and use every legal means to get your
ticket dismissed and/or reduced. Your choice, do the research… ask questions.

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