Red Light Cameras – The Devil made me do it

April 1, 2013

Red Light Cameras – The Devil made me do it

Just when you thought you were finally safe to roam the streets without those pesky
red light cameras keeping track of your precarious intersection crossings… well,
think again.

Don’t panic, not yet anyway. Someone in Sacramento, Assemblyman Bob Wieckowski, has
introduced a new bill – AB 666 also knows as the “Devil’s Bill” (was this done
on purpose?) which would de-criminalize traffic tickets issued by red light cameras and make them a simple civil matter. Unfortunately for you and me that would mean that the
driver would no longer have the right to a trial.

This new concept would take the matter out of a judge’s hands and make the
transgression akin to a parking ticket where the owner of the car is
responsible for the fine no matter who was driving.

The idea apparently is not to punish (or collect huge sums of money) the drivers
but to make the streets safer for pedestrians by stopping motorists from
running red lights. Over 600 pedestrians were killed last year in California. AB 666 would also require the owner of the vehicle to “snitch” or pay… making someone responsible regardless of who was

We have to assume that if this bill passes, the fine will not be as extravagant as
before (close to $500) although it may still add a point to your driving record
and that would not be a good thing. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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