Red Light Cameras – Just when you thought you were out… they pull you back in


Red Light Cameras – Just when you thought you were out… they pull you back in

Well… you are not going to like this. If you are one of the 50,000 people who received a red light camera ticket in the city of Los Angeles and were under the false impression that paying such tickets was “voluntary” or that after the cameras were shut off on July 31, 2011 you could just ignore your ticket, well… forget about it, you’re still on the hook.

We have to assume that the lure of the possible lost revenue played a big part in the Los Angeles City Council’s vote to extend their contract with the Arizona based American Traffic Solutions for another six months. This will allow all the parties involved time to go over the backlog of unpaid tickets in what they hope will turn into several million dollars.

There was talk earlier on, as the red light cameras were fading to black about amnesty for the unlucky ticket holders or even the idea that this type of citation was a “pay if you like” voluntary situation but now the cards are on the table and the city expects payment from all of you who were figuratively holding your collective breath. The other shoe has dropped… (I’m sorry, last cliché). This may be a good time to look into retaining a good traffic attorney, if you think you need one.

Just keep in mind that not paying the ticket or not showing up in court if you have a court date is really not a good idea. You can look back through our blog archives and research such topics as failing to pay or failing to appear and you will see how the cost of the ticket magically increases and other penalties like arrest warrants also materialize.

Listen, if you don’t like what the City Council is doing let them know about it, the next time they come up for re-election remind them of how you really feel about their latest edict.

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