I married a New Yorker


I married a New Yorker

Yes, I know… it sounds like the title for an upcoming mid-season replacement TV sitcom. It’s not. Yes of course, I could probably write one and it would definitely be funny, merging the two LA – NY cultures… it’s been one loving and interesting ride. But this is about traffic right? Well, one thing we often see is the impact that our traffic laws have on the out of state visitor not to mention those from foreign countries… forget about it (like my wife would say).

In California, traffic infractions are considered criminal offenses and not civil matters as in other states so not only are they taken more “seriously” but they are definitely more expensive and considering the state of the economy in California who needs the money, well what can I say… forget about it. I once heard someone say that traffic regulations to a New Yorker are mere suggestions and if you have ever driven there (especially the city) well, what can I say and if you happen to be a pedestrian, well… you know what I was going to say. Have you ever heard the expression “Boston driver”? You can just imagine and the same goes for other places.

Have you ever wanted to feel the same adrenaline rush that a Navy Seal feels when going into combat? Try driving in Rome or Mexico City. You get the idea. So we do have regulations that astound our out of state or foreign visitors and when they are the unhappy recipients of a traffic ticket and realize that not only is it expensive but hiring an attorney to fight said ticket is even more expensive, it becomes mind boggling. When I say “fight the ticket” I mean properly, with a great chance of winning and not a $99 “I hope the officer doesn’t show up” approach. When your court date is set for a time when you will be back home, wherever that is and you can’t be there… the right attorney can make the difference. And whatever you do, whether you pay the fine or hire an attorney, please don’t forget about it, otherwise the penalties, the fees, the warrants… hey, forget about it.

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