Traffic Ticket Defense – Happy Birthday to us…!


Traffic Ticket Defense – Happy Birthday to us…!

The Traffic Ticket News Blog is one year old. We have posted 52 installments of traffic related news and information. I would like to thank my friends and colleagues who throughout the year have suggested topics and emailed me news bits that have eventually turned into blog postings.

I enjoy writing the blog… coming up with new ideas every week, well, it’s not easy. Let’s face it; traffic ticket defense does not generate a lot of excitement. Those of you who have written in and or posted comments, thank you as well… like I said, we can use all the ideas we can get our hands on.

The biggest controversy I guess we could say has been the red light cameras in the city of Los Angeles. Thank you L.A. for the almost endless source of material. With the new year coming soon there will probably be a whole new set of laws that we will be discussing and we will also start looking at individual cases handled by the firm.

We hope to continue hearing from you and if you have any specific case or close encounter with any of the California PDs, please let us know.

Anyway, I thought we’d take a brief break from “traffic stuff” and get the new blog year started with no news whatsoever. With the time change upon us I’m not sure if I should be tired and go to bed early or stay up late since it’s really early… I never remember which is which.

Talk at you next week.

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