DMV Matters & Issues


DMV Matters & Issues

The Department of Motor Vehicles is likely one of your least favorite places to visit in California. From the lines, to documents needed and everything else, a trip to the DMV can be the cause of stress. Unfortunately, if you want to drive in the State of California, there is no escape from paying a stop at the DMV.

Regardless of the purpose – whether you’re renewing your driver’s license, getting a new license plate issues and other issues relating to being on the road – there is a way to avoid the inherent stress and general annoyances of spending a morning (or afternoon) there.

Enter We’re here to help make your life easier. With us, your DMV matters and issues can get sorted without any hassles or delay. We understand the nitty-gritty of how the DMV works and how DMV matters and issues can get handled quickly. With an experienced California Traffic Ticket Attorney, like Sherman M. Ellison, to look after your DMV matters, you can just relax and see the results … without stepping foot into the DMV.


Did you know one simple traffic ticket can lead to your license being suspended?
Even worse, did you know if have a predetermined number of points on your license, you are running the risk of your license being terminated ? It’s true. This is also the case if you are being issued a traffic ticket during driving probation from previous charges.

The DMV has a yardstick for determining who is classified as a “Negligent Operator.” If you have four points within a 12-month period, six points within a 24-month period or eight points within a 36-month period, you are considered a “Negligent Operator.”

This classification can be challenged if you have us, to help fight this. You don’t have to live with being a “Negligent Operator.” Fortunately, there are many legal way-outs that can be explored and secured from the California traffic court in such proceedings, including setting aside of one or more prior convictions.Your experienced California Traffic Ticket Attorney not only provides you with the knowledge regarding your rights, but also forcefully defends them during the hearing.


We can age gracefully, but the DMV does require senior citizens to pay a visit to the DMV. Seniors have to undergo re-examinations to ensure their driving ability has not been compromised as they age and to ensure they are safely operating a motor vehicle in accordance with the relevant provisions of Vehicle Code.
What can a senior citizen expect with a re-examination? Vision tests, a review of medical conditions, showing their knowledge of driving laws and demonstrating they can operate a vehicle safely. Failure in any of these tests can result in the loss of their driver’s license. But, this does not have to be the case.

Sherman M. Ellison and

From general DMV matters to negligent operation to senior driving issues and more, Sherman M. Ellison will stand up for you before the DMV and other California courts. Mr. Ellison has a very high success rate when it comes to helping out California residents in retaining or reinstating their licenses.

For any kind of legal assistance concerning DMV matters or issues, we will be glad to assist you in minimizing your legal liability. You can call us at california-ticket-attorney for NO OBLIGATION CONSULTATION or simply fill out and submit the Free Evaluation Form on the website.

You never know when you will need a California Traffic Ticket Attorney. Don’t wait until you’ve already invested your time and money to secure legal aid. Instead, work with to get your DMV issues handled immediately.

Led by veteran trial attorney and sit-in traffic court judge, Sherman M. Ellison, who is also the founder of 866speeindg and guided by the client-oriented policies and practices, our team strives to fight for you across the State of California and ensure your rights are being upheld.

About Sherman M. Ellison

Sherman M. Ellison is a trial attorney exclusively practicing traffic ticket and criminal defense since 1970. Throughout his four-decade career, Mr. Ellison has practiced in:

  • All United States District Courts within California, Hawaii and Oregon;
  • The United States Supreme Court;
  • The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit and Eighth Circuit; and
  • All the courts in the State of California Court system

For more than three years, Mr. Ellison has been a “Judge Pro Tem,” sitting as a Traffic Judge. In this position, he received the same training to be a traffic judge as permanently sitting traffic judges and traffic commissioners. During his tenure as a traffic judge, Mr. Ellison has worked with numerous radar and laser operating police/law enforcement officers to learn about the use of technology in enforcement of the speed laws.

Mr. Ellison received his undergraduate degree from UCLA, earned his LL.B. and J.D. from College of Law, University of La Verne and passed the California Bar Examination in November of 1969. Two months later, he was sworn in to practice law on January 15, 1970.

The founder of has led a distinguished career marked with professionalism, detailed study and incisive arguments in favor of his clients, Mr. Ellison is considered one of the best Traffic Ticket Attorneys in the State of California. He is committed to his clients and dedicated to his work.

Professional affiliations include:

  • The National Motorist’s Association;
  • National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys;
  • California Attorneys for Criminal Justice;
  • California Public Defenders Association;
  • Criminal Courts Bar Association;
  • Los Angeles County Bar Association — Criminal Law Section; and
  • The California State Bar — Criminal Law Section