Crossing Over – Crossing Over Double Yellow Line


Crossing Over – Crossing Over Double Yellow Line

Crossing Over Double Yellow Line

No, this has nothing to do with contacting the dearly departed. We are talking about those parallel yellow lines that separate the “regular” freeway lanes and the HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle lane) or as we commonly know it… the diamond lane. Now, we know we’re not supposed to cross over those lines to enter or exit the HOV lane but sometimes we just can’t wait for the broken lines and we do it anyway. I say “we” because I have done it once but only to avoid some nitwit who stopped all of a sudden in front of me and I had no choice… I didn’t get caught.

Others are not so fortunate, this can be an expensive ticket and if you are entering the HOV lane and you are by yourself, well… it could be complicated. Normally if caught, the officer will cite you for just one of the violations and they will usually pick 21655.8 (crossing over double yellow line) which unfortunately will add a point to your driver’s license.

Fighting one of these tickets is nearly impossible. If the officer saw you what will your defense be? He really didn’t see me? I can think of a number of other absurd excuses but the bottom line is that you are going to get stuck with this one.
But there is an answer… but only if you really, really have to get rid of this ticket. If you already have points on your license and you can’t do traffic school then you can hire a traffic attorney. It won’t be cheap but it may be cheaper than losing your license or adding points to your collection and having your insurance go up. Only an attorney that has the experience and the respect of the law enforcement community will help you here. Someone who can “negotiate” and plead down your offense. Tricky but it can be done. Be sure to “audition” your potential lawyer and ask a lot of questions… it’s not a job for the weak or faint hearted. Speaking of which, remember the radio hit “Double Yellow Line?” By the Music Machine? 1967? Come on… no one remembers this stuff?

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