Commercial Drivers


Commercial Drivers

So I had this great idea about writing the blog about D.U.I.’s while W.U.I. (writing under the influence) so as to get a good perspective on the whole thing. I normally sit down to write my blog on Sunday morning with a hot cup of coffee and all the notes and research that I usually gather during the week and write away. But this Sunday was different, I woke up late, I had to run some errands and by the time I thought I was done, the NFL playoff games started. Of course, priorities are priorities… you understand. So I figured I’ll have a few drinks during the games and by the time they’re over I’ll be able to write a great piece about D.U.I.’s ”au naturel”. It was not to be, with spell check and grammar correcting software I realized I wasn’t going to achieve the results I was going for. I would probably manage to show up at the office tomorrow morning with a massive headache instead so I scrapped the idea and decided to discuss commercial drivers as an alternative.

Here’s a segment of the work force that relies on driving not just to make a living but the rest of us depend on them to deliver goods, drive buses and any other endeavor that involves a commercial vehicle of any sort. These men and women seem to be under more pressure to obey the rules of the road than the rest of us.

Consider that an infraction carries a point and a half on their license (we only get one point), they don’t have the opportunity to opt for traffic school as we normally do and worse of all, if they do get points on their license they may lose their job. Many employers frown upon their drivers that collect traffic tickets and make the insurance rates go up.

These hard working men and women usually seek the assistance of traffic attorneys that can help them keep a clean record and most times, their jobs. It’s not easy out there, handling a big rig. Oh, the drinking and driving thing… I assume you know better. Drinking and writing… I don’t want to talk about it.

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