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Class Clown

Do you know anyone who hasn’t “been” to traffic school? Sure, there’s always the rare individual who through some quirk of nature has thus far avoided it but let’s face it, most of us have been to traffic school… sometimes more than once. This is actually a good thing. Consider this… if (or I should say, when) you get a traffic ticket… one that would append a point to your driver’s license, you can attend traffic school, your point will be removed. That’s it, that simple… well, maybe.

Here’s the deal. In California you are allowed up to four points on your driver’s license within a twelve month period. After that you can lose your license. You are also allowed to do traffic school every eighteen months. Oh, oh… there’s a discrepancy, just like the ten hot dog pack and eight bun pack, what marketing evil genius thought of that one? So there it is, you can get rid of a point but the cycle runs into the following year… confused?

OK, if you get a ticket for a moving violation a point goes on your license, sometime two points (depending on the violation) speeding, running red lights that sort of thing. If you can do traffic school, the court will tag on another $40 or $50 to your ticket (more or less) and upon completion of an eight hour course your ticket will go away. Your insurance company will never know you had a ticket and your rates will (hopefully) not go up or at least not because of the ticket. From this point on you have to be careful not to get another moving violation for at least the next eighteen months. Yes, there’s something called “second offender’s traffic school” which is a twelve hour course and sometimes (rarely but it could happen) the judge will allow it. SOTS will remove the potential point from your license but not the ability for the insurance company to “see” that you got a ticket. See how that works? You do realize that the more points you accumulate the higher your insurance will go. This is when you will probably want to retain a competent attorney to help you in this predicament.

Now days you can do TS from the comfort of your own home, on line. I remember the couple of times I “attended” I physically went to a “school” I think it was a comedy traffic school but I don’t recall it being funny.

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