Beware; they are out to get you… really?


Beware; they are out to get you… really?

Recently I’ve been speaking to many of the unfortunate drivers who have been the recipients of traffic tickets from all over the state of California. (It’s what I do). I have been somewhat surprised and a bit apprehensive with the stories that I hear about the conduct of our traffic officers while in the process of issuing citations. I have to be honest with you; some of the tales told to me seem to come from some “behind the iron curtain” B movie from the 50’s… (Black and white, of course) the only thing missing was the rubber hose. Seriously?

Having been on the receiving end of a ticket myself (not often) I realize that the typical reaction is to be upset and assume we’ve done nothing wrong and have been unreasonably picked just because they want to make our life miserable. Well, normally we deserve to be stopped and what’s more, think about the many times we actually get away with breaking the traffic laws and just don’t get caught. The thing to remember is to always be polite and respectful of the men and women who put their lives on the line everyday to protect us… whether we want to believe it or not.

Hey, I heard from a guy who told me that the officer asked him to get out of the car and then kept stepping on his shoes no matter what he tried to do to get away or the lady that was waved by an officer to make a left turn in a construction zone where the right turn was blocked by machinery and ignore a sign that read “No left turn”. Upon obeying the officer he then stopped her and gave her a ticket for making a left turn. Are these true stories? Perhaps overblown stretches of bits of reality, maybe not. If you have ever had a bizarre experience involving a traffic incident, please feel free to share.

I contacted a good friend of mine who is a sergeant with a large Southern California PD and asked him about these occurrences. What he told me certainly rang true; he said “the problem is that we hire human beings”. We never hear the other side of the story, what confrontation did the officer encounter? What nut case did he or she stop? Well, Sarge has invited me on a ride along so that I can experience firsthand traffic stops and witness the interaction from “the other side”. Stay tuned…

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