Happy New Year

It is with sadness and disappointment that I bid farewell to yet another football season. The regular season is over and my Tampa Bay Buccaneers again failed to make it to the playoffs… I’m dismayed. But many good things did happen this last year, far too many to list here […]

In defense of the red light traffic cameras

Wait… not I, the LAPD is doing the defending in this case. As I told you before, I avoid those intersections like the plague. However, in a very interesting article in the Los Angeles Times, Joel Rubin explains the dilemma facing the City Council regarding the future of these possibly […]

Where’s my driver’s license?

I am normally extremely law abiding, I don’t speed (much), I stop at stop signs (as opposed to slowly rolling past them) and I religiously avoid intersections with red light cameras. So the one time that I drove the two blocks to my local 7-Eleven and realized I had left […]

Yours may be a snitch ticket

It may look like a regular ticket, you got it in the mail and you try and think back… did I really run that red light? I thought the yellow light changed a bit too quickly, could it be? Must be, here’s the ticket from the court… the court, which […]

Radar, Lidar and Laser

No, it’s not a law firm… these are the gadgets used by the various law enforcement agencies to track your speed as you move on down the highway, more often than not oblivious to the needle in your speedometer. So, how fast did they say you were going? Really? But […]

Traffic School or no Traffic School

That is the question, or is it? Well it’s not so much a question or a choice but rather a matter of eligibility. You just got a ticket, pick your “crime”; speeding, red light camera or any traffic violation that is not a misdemeanor… there’s a countless array of transgressions […]

Failure to Appear

How simplicity turned into a nightmare… or how a simple, non-moving violation can really complicate your life. Let’s not forget the no point violations also, which fall into this category. Yes, we’re talking about things such as: fix-it tickets for tinted windows or tinted tail lights (like the one I […]

Red Light Camera

Smile and say cheeeese… You’re going through the intersection, you see a flash of light in your eyes…and you realize instantly that you have been memorialized forever by the dreaded RED LIGHT CAMERA. Thoughts go racing through your head… much is this darn thing doing to cost me? Then, you […]

Getting Tickets Dismissed

Getting tickets dismissed in court no longer an option… or so it would seem. According to sources inside the LAPD, officers testifying in traffic court are being strongly urged to “testify to the best of their ability” rather than agree to have traffic citations dismissed because they don’t recall the […]

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