Handicap Placard Use – I’ve fallen but… I can get up!

Have you ever been tempted? Have you ever just done it? I’m talking about parking in a handicapped space without a handicap placard when you are not disabled at all. Aside from being inconsiderate it can be a very expensive ordeal not to mention a risk to your driving privilege. […]

DUI – One more for the road

Probably not a good idea. As our firm begins expanding into more diverse areas of legal defense (more on this topic coming soon), one criminal offense which may be more egregious than any traffic ticket would be Driving Under the Influence… the dreaded DUI. Straddling the legal fence between traffic […]

Traffic Ticket Defense – Happy Birthday to us…!

The Traffic Ticket News Blog is one year old. We have posted 52 installments of traffic related news and information. I would like to thank my friends and colleagues who throughout the year have suggested topics and emailed me news bits that have eventually turned into blog postings. I enjoy […]

Red Light Cameras – Just when you thought you were out… they pull you back in

Well… you are not going to like this. If you are one of the 50,000 people who received a red light camera ticket in the city of Los Angeles and were under the false impression that paying such tickets was “voluntary” or that after the cameras were shut off on July […]

Organ Donation – Giving of Yourself

You may have heard that expression before and probably within various figurative contexts. The State of California means it literally. A new law that appeared “on the books” this year asks for a resounding yes or no answer to the question of organ donation. The DMV now requires that all […]

Traffic Ticket Defense – “Darn” Expensive Lawyers”…!

Aren’t they? Well, especially the good ones. It’s one of those situations where we dislike lawyers, tell lawyer jokes and think they are horrible people until you need one… ain’t that the truth. We see them portrayed in TV shows, the good, kind lawyers and the bad, evil ones… it […]

Traffic Tickets – Welcome to the ½ OFF sale

Here’s a chance for all of you “traffic criminals” to settle the score once and for all and walk away clean. In an effort to recuperate a big chunk of lost revenue, Los Angeles County will offer amnesty to more than a million holders of unpaid traffic tickets that were […]

Pacing – Is Someone Following me?

Let’s jump right into it… if the “someone” following you has flashing red and blue lights on the roof of their car, this may present a problem in the form of a traffic citation in your immediate future. In the past we have discussed speeding tickets and how radar or […]

Officer Observed Citation – He said, she said… he said?

Sometimes simple circumstances can become complicated in a split second without any reason that we know of. I’m sure that all of us have at one time or another come across a situation that just leave us scratching our virtual head. I’m talking about officer observed infractions that for one […]

Trial by Declaration… Revisited

Those of you, fans and avid readers will remember that back in January of this year we touched upon this subject. The reason we’re dragging this topic back up is because recently we’ve seen an increase in clients that will ask about a Trial by Declaration with the assumption that […]