Are we there yet?


Are we there yet?

Those of us with children as passengers in our cars have heard this question before, and probably often. A logical query and yet the more insistent, the more annoying… right? Well, the reason I bring it up is that I had a call from a lady recently that was quite upset because she had been stopped by a police officer and given five citations at once for having five children in the car without the proper child restraints and or car seats. Her own kids and a couple of nephews just bouncing around the front and backseat of her automobile. One never expects the unexpected (except perhaps the Spanish Inquisition) but in case of an accident and they do happen unpredictably, you would have children turning into small, compact projectiles which could easily be thrown out of the car or severely injured within.

I don’t want to digress into the realm of how we should take care of our children but this goes beyond the controversial motorcycle helmet laws or second hand smoke in the car or any other governmental imposed edicts that we may or may not agree with. The child safety laws are really meant to help save lives. In California, the law requires any child under the age of six or weighing less than sixty pounds to be secured in the rear seat in a child passenger restraint system.

I used to believe that all parents would be aware of the law or at least have the common sense to practice safety when transporting children in a vehicle… as soon as I got that call I realized I was wrong.

Please… think.

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