Traffic Laws – And so this is Christmas

December 21, 2011

Traffic Laws – And so this is Christmas

Yes I know, another song reference but it seems befitting at this time. If you are familiar with John Lennon’s lyrics then you will understand. Another year has gone by… no wait, that’s next week’s blog. Things have slowed down a bit as it usually does this time of the year. It doesn’t mean that people have stopped getting tickets just that most of us are too busy shopping or cooking or decorating to be able to deal with our traffic issues but trust me, if you got a ticket during the holiday season it will still be there after all the parties have died down and all the relatives have gone home.

As usual, the Chanukah and Christmas holidays are celebrated within congenial proximity so we would like to wish all of you who observe and celebrate these holidays a happy and merry (insert your choice of holiday) and hope you have a wonderful time. For those of you who couldn’t care less and don’t mind missing out on the presents and festivities, well happy another day to you as well.

This year I will abstain from any comments about my beloved Tampa Bay Buccaneers (football, seriously?) in any case… there’s always next year, yada yada. Looking forward to whatever changes will be forthcoming for California’s traffic laws. New things to discuss and be aware of, of course.

We here at the firm would like to thank all of our clients and hope your cases were dismissed or reduced and all of you who called and wrote in and had many, many questions… we hope they were answered satisfactorily.

Until next time…

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